Shop on-site sales like garage, estate, consignment, farmer’s markets, flea markets, conventions and pop-up sales. Shop virtually. Pay using Yardaroo Pay.

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Selling on Yardaroo is a fun and profitable way to earn extra money. There’s a buyer for pretty much anything you can think of, so if you’re not using it anymore, sell it! Take pictures, list your own virtual garage sale and accept all major credit cards in under 10 minutes.

You can even take offers from buyers around the country with our innovative marketplace experience.

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If you’re a pro seller, you know that time is money. No other platform provides the tools and flexibility that Yardaroo does, for FREE!

Accept credit cards on-site, take offers and reach new customers all in one easy-to-use app.

List your virtual estate sale, consignment store, flea market, convention or pop-up sale and allow your employees to cash out customers on-site, manage offers and automatically notify your customers of new sales.

Easily offer additional services like local delivery to enhance your customer’s buying experience.

With so many free tools for professionals, it only makes sense to boost your business with Yardaroo today.

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Download the app for free. List your garage sale, estate sale or choose from many other types of sales. Accept all major credit cards & start selling today.

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Yardaroo is the comprehensive marketplace solution for on-site sales like garage, estate, consignment, farmer’s markets, flea markets, conventions and pop-up sales. Our innovative offer system allows buyers to make offers on multiple items within a single picture, enabling sellers who have large lots of items to quickly upload pictures and take offers without the need to itemize individual product listings.

The benefit to this type of marketplace is obvious for on-site sales where there are lots of random items and high turnover.  Any type of liquidation sale can leverage our marketplace to move inventory online quickly.

Yardaroo offers an integrated and intuitive point of sale system that is accessible to anyone, from the hobbyist garage saler to professional sellers and small businesses.  Yardaroo Pay is a QR code-based POS system that works on any smart device, only takes minutes to set up and enables sellers to accept all major credit cards on-site.  If a buyer can’t be on-site, sellers can easily collect credit card payments remotely by sending a payment request via text, messenger app or email.

Most sales have multiple people working it, whether they are family members, friends or employees.  Yardaroo’s Cashier Mode enables sellers to allow other people to accept credit card payments under their account, streamlining the checkout process.  Cashier’s don’t even need the app to be installed on their smart device.

Yardaroo increases trust and integrity through community engagement.  Buyers and sellers can stay in touch with each other via our integrated social media platform.  People can follow each other and engage with each other’s activity.  Our internal messaging system offers a convenient way to communicate and ask questions about sales.

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